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October 03, 2006


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:( I don't know what to say except that I'd be crying too. I never realized what loving my child would actually feel like.



Surprisingly, I found "Mommy Wars" an interesting read. The sentiment I took away from the book was "you can have it all, just not at the same time."


(((Hugs))) I remember that feeling so vividly. I remember staying up nights trying to work out a way that I could stay home and still remain sane and happy. At the time, going back to work was the right choice. It was still excrutiatingly hard. My concession to my emotions was paying Becky more than we really could afford.

I think people don't talk about this because so many people think their feelings are not normal or valid. I also think that by the time a friend is preganant and has a plan for what they are going to do after the birth, you don't want want to say something that will make them feel badly about their decision.

It does get easier. It seems like it won't, but it does. I remember an ANer telling me to just give it a week before I decided to quit my job. That really worked.


Sorry you are feeling miserable. I agree with you that having it all is a fallacy. Or not exactly, you can have it all, but something/someone will come up short more often than not. It does get better when they are older, especially when they really want to go to school even if they wanted to stay home with you. Anyway, hang in there, hopefully things will get easier soon.

Jennifer from Delaware

I remember this feeling so clearly.

It's hard, it is so, so hard. I did go back to work before leaving again almost a year later, and I can only say that neither was the absolute best answer.

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