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February 29, 2008


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Yes of course nursey rhymes are bizarre. It is because they usually refer to things from long long ago.

Like 4 and twenty black birds baked into a pie - they actually used to do this.

The cell phone toy is Ca-razy!

Karen J.

The nursery rhymes are SO WEIRD. Some of them I just have a hard time singing altogether because I just keep going, "WTF?" the whole time I'm trying to sing.

Also, yeah, that is really bizarre that the modern-day Little People car guy has a cell phone in his hand. I guess maybe they figure this is what most kids see? Yikes.


Actually, I don't think they did used to bake blackbirds in pies. :) "Sing a Song of Sixpence" has its origins as a coded message used to recruit pirates. This is pretty well confirmed, not an urban legend.

That doesn't make it any less odd, of course; in fact, it makes me wonder why on earth we recite to our small children. :)


That is hilarious the driver has a cell phone in his hand! EH has an old nursery rhyme book...i.e. before they started being edited to be more PC or whatever and that are definitely strange!! I love that Ring Around the Rosies is about the Plague, I think I will hold off on explaining that one! :)


You want bizarre children's tales, eh? I give you....Struwwlepeter!


Them are some f'd up children's stories. Truly.

As for the other, I always thought it began

"Goosey, goosey, gander
Where shall I wander?"

and it ends up with someone chucking a senior citizen down a flight of stairs since he wouldn't pray.

Niiiice :-)


I think the cell phone thing is new? We have that toy from a few years ago and I'm fairly sure there's no cell phone driver (way to go, Little People). Now I'm going to have to comb through our mammoth bin of Little People and see if any of them do have a cell phone!!

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