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August 20, 2008


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A bat????? Holy crap! I have never even seen a bat in RL. I would have passed out cold!

Karen J.

I was actually just thinking about your house recently and how it hadn't eaten any money in a while. And also, how common could that be??? to have your chimney fall in??!?


Damn, thunder stolen.

I was going to say "I misread "swift" as "sweep" and had this horrible mental image...

(Hm, no html? It loses effectiveness if you have to click but I'll be damned if I'll let my googling go to waste: http://angam.ang.univie.ac.at/class/ko/mary%20poppins-class/Bert.jpg


And I skipped the "chimney" part to read it as a swift and was VERY confused as to why someone was winding yarn in the chimney!! :)


I am loving your humor and wit. I just caught a link to today's blog, so I decided to read back a bit. I'm glad I did - you've given me some much-needed laughter!!!

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