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September 02, 2008


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While I disagree with your policy stances, and especially the idea that Palin was picked ONLY because she was a woman... that is an argument we will all have for the next two months. I am 100% with you on the idea that she would never be given this kind of scrutiny as a man. I still think its even worse for her because she is a conservative woman. But no matter the party/politics its still sad to think that the Media won't allow a young professional woman to get ahead without finding someway to yell at her for not being back in the kitchen.


Amen! I posted something similar yet not the same on my blog today. Unfortunately, I DO know women that supported Hillary Clinton BECAUSE she is female and for no other reason. Those same women are jumping on the Palin bandwagon as we type. Sigh... People really need to snap out of it.


I nearly completely agree with you. My only disagreement is that I do think we should be asking ourselves the question if it is fair for either sex to put their children through such difficult trials at a young age. I already asked it about Obama. I think the answer would still be that the benefits outweigh the negatives; however, I believe it is an important question to consider. In addition, I do think that some choices Govenor Palin made in her role as mother cause me pause. The fact that she is a working mother on the campaign trail is not one of those choices.

As women, this is an issue we need to stand together on. We should challenge her credentials, career, and even some personal choices (those that she herself promotes in the media). However, we need to remember to treat her as fairly as each of us would want to be treated with respect to our decisions on family and work.

If nothing else, McCain's choice is getting him tons of free press. Sometimes even negative press is good press.


AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, sister. I agree with you completely...the fact that women were going to vote for Clinton only b/c she was a woman made me angry and the same goes for Palin. I HATED it when there was a news story on about what Clinton was wearing and her necklines. Give me a break, no one discusses what color suit McCain or Obama wears...but wait, they always seem to be blue. In any case, sexism is still alive and well, especially in politics. Now, don't get me started on Disney movies! :)

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

I am personally offended by McCain's choice for VP. I'm not sure what's more offensive, though. On one hand, it appears that he did not adequately screen his running mate. It appears that he took his list out and checked the boxes. It could have gone something like...Republican? check. Governor? Check. Pro-Life? Check. Pro-oil? Check? Woman? Bonus check.

What's more disturbing is the possibility that he was aware of all of Palin's recently uncovered issues and somehow thought that it wouldn't matter. Does McCain so seriously underestimate the American intellect to think that women will switch parties to vote their genetic code? That's about as asinine as assuming all white males will vote for McCain because he's make and white.

I agree with you that this race has forced us to look at the trivial way that we allow the media (and each other) to treat women in politics. This misplaced focus on whether or not Hilary's tears were genuine, the political fashion police chasing the prospective first wives, and who's minding the kids on the campaign trail is both mind-boggling and infuriating.

Women should demand more of each other, from the weaker sex and the media that's apparently trying to inform us about the issues.

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