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October 08, 2008


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That's a pretty great response. Definitely weird, but hey! Two pairs of shoes for the price of one? Not bad. And it's good you did finally get the other shoes, even though it took forever. They are cute! But after this post I don't think I'll be buying shoes from them...


Those are cute shoes, but, yeah, that's pretty ridiculous they didn't let you know about the delay with the first pair. But I have to tell you, as a mother of a child who's about to start walking, I've found your discussions of where to find baby shoes to be very helpful!


Wait - Zappos has See Kai Run? I paid half again the cost of the shoes for shipping on shoes that I won't see for 4 more days and I could have done Zappos? Arg.

Good to know about Preschoolians - I've been contemplating a pair of them. Those are cute though...


I bought three pairs of preschoolians mary janes for my daughter... I would also agree and say pass. You can get See Kai Runs, Puddlejumpers, WeeSqueaks, or even Pedipeds for about the same price (where I bought them anyway). My daughter couldn't even walk yet when I bought them, but I thought the width inserts were cool so I "had" to get them. Too bad the velcro wouldn't even stay so they kept falling off of her feet! Needless to say I returned them. I bought one pair at a store and two online, so I had to fight to get my shipping cost back which luckily only took one phone call. Not a fan of the preschoolians at all. Also, I was wondering... has anyone bought See Kai Runs that have a little tiny hole in the back of the shoe? I just got some tennis shoes from Zappos today and they are pink and white. On the very back of the shoe it looked like there was black ink, but upon closer inspection I realized it is a little hole the size of a toothpick that goes all the way through on each shoe! I bought the Gwendolyn tennis shoes and I can't find them in a six ANYWHERE... I even got Zappos last pair (which were ridiculously overpriced for discontinued shoes... unfortunately I "had" to have these shoes and I do love them). Anyway, I was wondering if this hole is normal? I've only had one other pair of See Kai Run shoes which were sandals and it didn't have those little holes!

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