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January 19, 2009


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When we lived in Virginia, we were flummoxed by Lee-Jackson-King Day. I didn't realize that it was no longer officially called that after 2000 -- we were there till 2002, and it was definitely still commonly called L-J-K Day (otherwise, we'd never have noticed!)

Tara Youknow

"Growing up, I always thought of racism and discrimination as something from the past. People like Dr. King raised our collective consciousness and now we know (and act) better. But looking at just these few little facts about the holiday, it's clear that while we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go."

And you just summed up why we don't close for MLK day. We think he would have wanted us to be fighting the good fight, not staying home watching "The Price is Right." Lots of work left to do!


My recollection is that the Arizona legislature's resistance to the holiday was more cheapness than anything. They didn't want to give state employees more unpaid days. When the govenor tried to enact the holiday on his own, it was found unconstitutional. When we tried to get rid of Columbus Day instead, Italian-American groups got enough signatures to take it to a vote and Columbus Day won. The legislature then decided to punt and combined Washington and Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents' Day and put that to a vote. MLK day was approved (However, cities such as my former employer drug their heels longer. I think that was more racially motivated). We are a cheap, cheap state. Possibly racist, but very cheap.

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