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March 26, 2009


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ha ha ha ha ha, I am laughing so hard, especially the speeding one, no wait, the fringe one, no wait...!


LOL! Thanks for making my work day better! :)


But can I discharge my student loans if I fake my own death?


Ha! It's always good to see stuff like this. Makes me feel that much more intelligent :)


These are AWESOME. Did you write them? Also, remind me...what area of law do you practice? I'm so forgetful. At least I know I need to pay taxes even though I'm not a federal employee. :-)


Ooh, I love #8. Priceless.
And I've actually gone to a Divisional Court appeal that, if we'd lost, would have had the effect (potentially) of making #10 a reality....scary :-)


Whoops, I misread the numbering - I meant #9,the fringe on the flag, was the one I loved. Thanks for the laughs.

Damon W.

So what is the legality of converting a student loan to a conventional loan (credit, unsecured, home equity, etc.), waiting the appropriate time and then filing bankruptcy?

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