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May 11, 2009


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I'm a pretty crappy parallel parker (had it been on my driver's test, I totally would have failed), but even *I* know to start by backing in.


Jeff told me that in Colorado, parallel parking is not part of the driver's test. (Or at least it wasn't back in the late 80s when he got his license.) He never needed to do it, so he hadn't learned how. And then we moved to Boston and when he told me he didn't know how, I thought he just meant he wasn't good at it. But no, he really had no idea how to do it. I taught him, and eventually he got really good. Once he got the car in a spot so tight that when he got out, someone walking by (who hadn't realized he'd just parked) saw him standing there looking at the car (he was admiring his parking job) and thought that he was stuck b/c other cars had parked too close, and the guy goes, "Oh man, that sucks." And Jeff said, "No no! I just parked here!" and the guy stopped then to admire his work as well. hah.

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