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May 28, 2009


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OHMYGOD substitute Texas for South Carolina, and I agree with--in particular--numbers 1-4 and 13. I could have written those exactly, though not as nicely as you did. Those f-ing palmetto bugs are NASTY.


oh yeah, #10 fits me too, about the politics. oy.


South Alabama's got some similarities as well. Esp. the politics. The few people who lean our direction find it necessary to whisper their agreement lest someone overhear them.

My ickiest bugs are the huge, scary, hairy spiders.

As for the driving, I find pro and con. The pro is that people around here are SO good at letting people in. Much more courteous than I'm used to. The cons are that people won't pull into the intersection and turn left on yellow, and they seem to think they need to leave 2 car lengths between cars when STOPPED at a light, screwing the people behind them by preventing them from getting into turn lanes.

And the caselaw, man that pisses me off. Ok, just kidding on that one. No clue. :)

Susan Quinn

You've hit it right on the head re: the bugs, the weather, the politics, the bad drivers, etc.

As Thomas Petigru said, "South Carolina is to small to be a country, and too big to be an insane asylum."

Try to see the positive though...spring time is magnificent and it arrives when it's supposed to (unlike the north where spring arrives in June!)And when our friends in the Great White North are shoveling their cars out just to get to work, we don't have to.


Susan, I LOVE that quote! I'll have to remember it for some future post.

As for dear old SC, I actually had a hard time thinking of 13 things I hate about it (although I just remembered kudzu and pollen could both have gone on the list). I love it far more than I hate it. :)


Jodi, I agree that drivers tend to be more courteous, but at least here in SC, they've managed to make that a bad thing. I mean, I appreciate that people are trying to be nice, but stopping dead in the middle of busy street to let someone back out of their driveway or cross the street (against the light) isn't a fabulous idea.

And I'm so glad someone else finds that case law thing annoying. ;-)


Karen, I had no idea Texas was that similar to SC. I guess it's just as well Larry's UT-El Paso thing didn't pan out. I don't think I could stand moving some place even hotter, that still has palmetto bugs.

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