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August 28, 2009


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This morning I saw a bunch of cars stopped at a red light when an ambulance came up. There were three lanes of cars (two going straight and one left turn lane) and none would move! They were about 3 cars deep, and the ambulance was raring its siren as much as it could. The cars all just sat, not moving, until the light finally turned green, and then they went ahead as planned. Only a couple even bothered to move out of the way and stop at that point.

I was like, "Really? Normally you people run red lights like they're nothing, but when an ambulance wants through, suddenly it's VERY IMPORTANT that you not move even one inch because, dammit, that light is red."


ha ha ha ha ha ha, I am laughing so hard! Well said, my friend, well said!!

Laurence Modithre

LOL! But well told! I really don't know why drivers still need to be reminded of this stuff - they should have already picked this up when they did their license. Good thing you're not tolerating them. After all, roads were not made for their personal use.

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