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December 09, 2009


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hahahaha. Love it! And this picture is so cute!


Thanks! You should the see the picture where he realized I was laughing at him. I didn't know three year olds could glare like that.


I want to see the glare!


Now, I have the opposite problem. Being southern-raised, if the temperature dips below 60, I'm reaching for my coat. (I moved to Northern Alabama when I was 10 and that was the first place I lived that I had to have a real coat!) But Alex has only known upstate NY winters and his powers of cold-resistance are much greater. There are lots of times he insists he doesn't need a coat and I feel like a prize idiot walking around in mine while he's dressed, well, like pretty much everyone else around us. But at least I'm a warm idiot. ;)


Leslie, I don't think you can put pictures in comments, but here's a link to the glare: http://www.stinkyvolcano.com/cold-3.jpg

and here's the pout he tried when it became clear the glare was having no effect: http://www.stinkyvolcano.com/cold-4.jpg


Tara, I'd suggest we switch kids, but you already pointed out why that's not going to work. Maybe I could just trade Larry for you. ;-)


Ha ha!!
Those pictures are hilarious!!!!!!


Lissie, aren't they, though? I have to admit, the glare didn't work, but the pout broke my will. I offered him hot chocolate when we back inside if he could just stand it a few more minutes. :)

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