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March 15, 2010


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Can a tailor take in any of the stuff that you like and make it fit again?


According to the tailor, he can effectively take in something that is a little too big, but not something that is a LOT too big. Most of my clothes are A LOT too big. I have a couple pieces that I'm going to bring and see what he can do, but some of my favorite stuff is literally four sizes too big. (As an aside, it's really bizarre to put on stuff like that and realize that at some point it fit me just fine, because I don't *feel* a whole lot different now than I did this time last year.)


Dude. If you ever find that scale that pops out the gift cards, let me know, mmkay? ;-)


Oh right, like I'm gonna share that with you?! ;-)


Congrats on the weight loss, that is great!! Post some pics! I am down 15lbs (10 more to go) and my clothes are not fitting right anymore, so I would also like to know where the gift card machine is! Right now, i am hitting Marshall's! :)

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