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I don't know. He may love the small room. My husband had a tinsy room growing up (I always shared) and he loved it. We have a small house now! :)

My son slept in a crib till he was 3-ish, I think. We didn't do the toddler bed thing, and I think that's how old he was when we moved him to the big boy bed (twin).

Cute room, both before and after!

Nah, my kid slept in his crib til he was three (he never even tried to climb out!), and we moved him out because we felt guilty, and he was potty trained. We went straight to the twin bed too.

The Bomber never tried to climb out either, but he was already potty trained when we moved him out of the crib. Mostly, it was an (unsuccessful) attempt to stop the 6 AM "MOMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! COME GET MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" calls.

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